A sound decision can only be made when being well-informed.

Clínica Bau

Bau Clinic was inaugurated in 1992 in Cordoba (Andalusia) as a clinic specialized in Gynecology, Obstetrics, and Assisted Reproduction.

It comes into being with the purpose of offering women in the different stages of their lives medical assistance and providing solutions to their necessities and problems that may arise.

This is the reason why we work with Specialized Units such as the Assisted Reproduction Unit where we must highlight:

• The first baby born by in vitro fertilisation in Cordoba was born in our clinic in 1992. Since then, more than 2,500 babies have been born with us thanks to Assisted Reproduction Techniques.

• We are capable of ruling out genetic diseases in embryos by means of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis.

• More than 30% of our assisted reproduction patients visit us because of failed treatments in other centres having satisfactory results.

• We have the latest technology in diagnosis, treatment, embryo culture, and gamete preservation.

• We make counselling in reproductive health to those women who wish so, informing them and planning their maternity.

• We have an oncological or surgical counselling so that those women who are expected to undergo one of these treatments can be informed about how such treatment can affect their future fertility.

We have the only Free Ova Freezing Unit in Spain to those women who wish to postpone or safeguard their future fertility for whatever reason.

Our goal

We make available to all women a guide where they will get informed about their reproductive cycle, social aspects that influence their fertility as well as its basic concepts.
The purpose is to value and plan your future as a woman and a mother, knowing with the help of our professionals which situations and problems exist and which medical options you can opt for in case you want to preserve your fertility.

A sound decision can only be made when being well-informed.

Fertility guide

Do you know the age at which you will be a mother?

Not only is our philosophy to perform treatments on those women who may need them, but also to inform, counsel and plan regarding the doubts, concerns and projects which arise throughout their lives as women.

Ova freezing and its future benefits

Bau Clinic initiates an innovative project in Spain in which ova will be freely conserved to those women who wish so in case they do not get pregnant in the natural way, so that they can resort to assisted reproduction techniques and have the same ova quality and possibility of pregnancy at the moment they were frozen.

As the advantages of ova freezing are numerous

You will preserve your fertility and genetics

Your ova will keep the same quality and age at the moment you froze them

The treatment will be rapid and comfortable

In addition, the entire process will be free

Tourism and Long-distance Ova Freezing

In addition, Bau Clinic makes available to those women who wish to undergo the ova freezing process and live outside Cordoba or Spain a series of touristic options so that you can enjoy the city of Cordoba and its surroundings.

In addition, we can control your treatment from a distance, wherever you live.